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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kareena to do a Sridevi medley

Kareena Kapoor agreed to perform to a medley of Sridevi's hit songs at an awards function because the soap queen requested her to do so

Kareena Kapoor has only agreed to do one tribute so far to her own sister, Karisma Kapoor, at an  award function a couple of years ago. 

A little convincing by her best friend, Ekta Kapoor, however, has made her agree to perform to Sridevi's songs as a tribute to her at Balaji's Global Indian Film & TV Honours (GIFTH).

Says a source close to Kareena, "She will be performing to a medley of Sridevi's hit songs at GIFTH.

Sridevi will be present there. Kareena will perform to songs like Morni bagamaa bole, Mere haatho mein nau nau chudiyaan hain and Hawa hawai among many others. She has handpicked and selected the songs herself."

"Normally, Kareena doesn't pay tributes to other actors but likes to dance to her own songs.

When Ekta came and met her and explained the concept of how she wanted B-Town's reigning queen (Kareena) to pay a tribute to another reigning queen of the previous generation (Sridevi), Kareena couldn't refuse."

Kareena will also be dancing on Nainon mein sapna, which featured Ekta and Tusshar Kapoor's father Jeetendra along with Sridevi. Manish Malhotra, who used to design for Sridevi, is also designing for Kareena for the show.

Said Ekta, "Sridevi is iconic.

This generation has no idea about her fan following. Sridevi was a darling of the masses, like Kareena is today! I find Kareena and Sridevi very  similar filmi heroines with whom the masses instantly connect too.

"20 years ago, Kareena would have been a worthy competitor to Sridevi as would Sridevi to Kareena today.

They share the same bubbliness and mass connect. I have watched their films Himmatwala and Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and been witness to the mass hysteria of their audience.

I have never seen this kind of mass reaction for any other actress. Kareena is the perfect person to pay a tribute to Sridevi. Who wouldn't want to see Kareena dance to Sridevi's hits?" she added.

Kareena said, "I'm a big fan of Sridevi and have grown up watching her films. I'm very excited and humbled to be performing to her songs. It is an honour and I feel proud to step into her shoes."

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