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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sara Khan's V-Day plans!

With Sara Khan's marriage to Ali Merchant called off and no other man in the picture at the moment, it looks like she'll be single this Valentine's Day.

Now you'd think that a pretty girl like Sara shouldn't have a dearth of suitors...which of course, there's plenty of! But having a hundred eager men queue up at her doorstep isn't really what Sara wants! What she needs on Valentine's Day is a man to keep her pleasantly distracted from her loneliness and the absence of a better half on a day that everyone loves spending with their partner. And guess who's doing the honors?

It's none other than Sara's cute-faced Ram Milaayi Jodi co-star Nishant Malkani who plans to keep the lady in good spirits. Reports have it that he plans to wine and dine her in style and take her for a long drive on 14th evening after pack-up. When asked about the V-day plan, Sara was non-committal and said, "Nah! You think I'm telling you if I have plans this Valentine's Day? I don't kiss and tell." Well, maybe you just kiss and kiss, Sara? Lucky Nishant!

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