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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sex is beautiful: Dev Anand

Move over lovely ladies, bare as much as you want, but you can't beat the evergreen Dev Anand in 'showcasing' talent!

Damn his age, all of 87 years, he's still hip, hot and ready to romance the lens. Recently, while donning the role of the 'Guest Editor' for zoOm, he stunned us with his thoughts on nudity, sex and exposure! He said, "Sex is a beautiful thing, and we're all born with."

And added, "A woman's innocence and coyness is sexier than a completely nude picture. Nowadays, the actresses are ready to do everything a role demands, even if it is nudity. And there's nothing wrong with it, if it's made beautifully." Well, if this is not enough, we'll tell you more.

Devsaab unabashedly revealed that he didn't mind doing an inmate scene, "I will do it in a way in which I will make it look beautiful!" Well, if this conversation is not sexed-up, then we don't know what is?

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