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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chiranjeevi To Serve People, Not Act Anymore

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi has called it quits as an actor. The announcement came from the actor-turned-politician on Tuesday at a time when millions of his fans have been awaiting his 150th movie venture, supposed to be produced by his actor-son Ram Charan Teja.

"Since I am busy with politics, it would not be appropriate for me to don the grease paint again. My son Charan is there to fill the gap," Chiranjeevi replied when a spectator wanted to know about the proposed 150th film, at the launch of a Telugu movie channel.

To a query on whether he would don the role of a politician or chief minister in his future film, he claimed that people of Andhra Pradesh were longing to see him as chief minister in real life rather than in reel life. "Why in cinema? People feel I can become the chief minister in real life itself," he retorted.

Chiranjeevi had announced in December last that he would don the grease paint once again for his 150th film to be produced by his actor-son Ram Charan Teja.

Reacting to the news, Ram Charan Teja tweeted: "Like many other I was shocked to hear dad decided not to act any more and dedicate his life to serving people...not able to sleep over this." (With inputs from PTI)

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