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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salman's 'Tiger' to be shot in Iraq

Salman Khan‘s YRF film will be the first Bollywood venture to be shot in the war-torn country

The YRF project, Ek Tha Tiger, is taking the genre of a romantic thriller to a whole new level. The Salman Khan Katrina Kaif starrer directed by Kabir Khan, would be the first Bollywood film to be shot in Iraq.

For obvious reasons, acquiring the permission has been quite a feat. Reportedly, YRF sent a letter to the Iraqi government a few months ago, requesting for permission to shoot a major action sequence in the country with Salman.

Not only has the government granted filming permissions, but has also made provisions to ensure the security of the cast and crew. And to top it off, the government has made arrangements for the crew to commute by helicopter from one shooting location to another.

Our source told us, "It was expected that the permission would be granted. We guess Iraq wants to convey loud and clear that all is well in their country."

However, as with most decisions that affect the Dabangg man, the move to approach the Iraqi government did not happen before Kabir and YRF sought Salman's permission. The source added, "Salman is extremely excited about shooting in Iraq. When Kabir Khan told him about the schedule in Iraq, he immediately agreed."

The director is scheduled to leave for Iraq today to scout around for the exact locations for shoot. The source explained, "He will be zeroing down on the spots where Salman will shoot. He will return in a week. After that, he will go to Iraq with Salman, in August."

Unfortunately, Salman, who will have to stay in the country for a minimum of eight days for the action sequence, will experience this rare opportunity solo, as his off-screen ex-girlfriend and the film's lead actress, Katrina Kaif, will not be needed for the shoot.

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