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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rakhi Sawant prays for Aishwarya Rai

Reacting to Aamir Khan's recent statement, "Even Rakhi didn't pick up my calls" to do an item song for " Delhi Belly", Rakhi Sawant tells TOI that when she saw Aamir's calls and text messages, she thought someone was playing a prank on her.

"Mujhe laga koi mazaak kar raha hai. But, yes, it is true I couldn't respond to his calls and messages instantly as I was in the washroom for four hours. Mera bad luck tha that I missed the opportunity. But if Aamir becomes an item boy, I feel I should think of shifting to the small screen. Humare liye kya bachega? He is such a perfectionist that the film-makers will prefer him to any other actor." This is not the first time that Rakhi mistook an interesting opportunity for a joke. "I actually called up Rakeshji and asked him if he was playing a prank on me. He was trying his best to convince me that it was him," she recalls.

Elated with the news that Aishwarya is expecting, Rakhi tells us that she has been praying to Lord Jesus for the last eight months for this. "Aishwarya has everything in life - success, fame and money. I'm sure she wanted to experience motherhood. I love the Bachchan family and my best wishes are with them." Is she also contemplating marriage? "Not at all. I still have a few more years left to work before I settle down in life and take a sabbatical. Mujhe pata hai heroines ki kya right age hai shaadi karne ke liye. Of what we have seen so far, 34-35 is perfect for anyone to get married. Fortunately, I still have about five more years to invest in the industry," she says. "Swayamvar ke baad se toh vishwas shaadi se uth gaya. Har kisi ki kismat Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty jaisi nahin hoti. They are lucky to have found the right life partner. It is scary to get married to a person who wants to use you for personal gains.

Dumping and cheating on partners has become a style statement for the youth today. Agar mann bhar gaya toh chhod do - yeh hi toh chal raha hai. Live-in relationships are also bizarre," she adds.

While viewers have their doubts if Ratan will get married on the small screen, Rakhi gives us an insight into her perspective, "Jis tarah ke haalaat hain, agar Ratan ko koi sach mai achcha lagta hai tabhi usse shaadi karni chhaiye. The show is undoubtedly interesting. Par ladkon main koi mazaa nahin hai." The viewers think Rakhi had better options to choose from in her swayamvar. She says, "I have nothing to say on this. For, the contestants have been selected by Ratan and the channel. Mujh mein aur Ratan mein zameen aasmaan ka farak hai. Ratan is not as bold as me." Rakhi, who will soon be seen in " Ratan Ka Rishta", tells us that the viewers will be shocked to see her in a new avatar. "Main show mein shock value ke liye hoon. Main sab ladkon ki taang kheechne waali hoon. Kaun kitne paani mai hai sab pata chal jayega."

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