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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hrithik's next day off is in October!

Actor is busy juggling shoots for 'Agneepath' and 'Just Dance'

Hrithik Roshan's schedule is as busy as it can get.

On Friday evening, he frantically rushed to Mumbai to shoot for Just Dance, the dance reality show that he judges from the climax shoot of Agneepath that is being filmed on the small island of Diu in Gujarat.

With no connecting flights between the two places at a suitable time, Duggu flew in on a chartered plane. He then shot for the entire night in Mumbai before returning to Diu the next morning.

Not happy about it
The actor, is currently going through the most tumultuous scheduling scramble in the history of his career.
Apparently, neither him nor his director Siddharth Malhotra, are too happy with his moving back and forth.

Says a source, "Both of them are equally stressed about the interruptions in the dramatic climax shoot. The entire film unit has been shooting in Diu since the beginning of June.

It is a sensitive area and permission to shoot there has been attained after much effort. Hrithik is not happy leaving behind the shoot. His commitment to the dance show is breaking the rhythm on the location."

Says Hrithik, "We tried to adjust the dates as much as we could. I'm working virtually like a machine between Just Dance and Agneepath, without breaks or any respite."

Hrithik is exhausted, but determined to see the impossible schedule through. Says the actor, "It's like doing three films at the same time! But as long as my day is filled with good work I am ready to take on even more."

What he missed
Hrithik had to forego a trip to Toronto for an international awards function. Says Hrithik, "I think my first day off now would be in October. And boy, am I looking forward to that! "

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