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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sonam, the new Femina covergirl, replaces Ash

It’s only the eyes that can see the subtle beauty of a face and can decide if the face is worth being on the front cover of a magazine or not. With so many beauties in out tinsel town, there obliviously has to be one standing out of the crowd and makes the attention drawn up to her.

For years it has been Aishwarya Rai who had please the eyes of everyone with her heart rendering beauty. She was also on the front cover of the June edition of 2010 with the tagline “Because you can’t improve on a classis”. The actress fit in very well with the tagline. This year Femina thought of carrying on with the same tagline for June’s edition but with a new face.

So who could best replace the beautiful queen of hearts Aish? Do not be surprised as we tell you that Sonam Kapoor, our very own “Aaisha” will be seen on the cover page this time replacing Aishwarya.

The actress has been styled by Nisha Kundani; Sonam portrays the looks of yesterday, today and tomorrow. She represents a classical look, the real India face with the evolution in all these years.

You can also adore the beauty of this actress on Femina Magazine and decide for yourself as for who looks better.

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