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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rajinikanth is Kaliyug Vaali

Just like Vaali in Ramayana who had the power to absorb the strength of his opponents in a tactical manner, our superstar Rajinikanth is said to adopt a similar style and so an apt nickname for him would be Kaliyug Vaali.

Rajini has, over the years, shown that he has a knack of bringing all his detractors into his camp.
Right from Aachi Manorama to Vadivelu at the present moment, this trend continues.

People still recall the famous statement made by Rajinikanth during the 1996 state elections, when he had declared: “Even God can’t save Tamil Nadu if Jayalalithaa is elected!” At that time, Aachi Manorama, who was campaigning for the AIADMK, had lashed out at Rajini at every meeting.

Since she had starred with Rajini in several films, her remarks upset the entire industry. No one was willing to sign her at the time. But in a surprise move, Rajini stunned all by calling Manorama and giving her a chance to work in Arunachalam. After that her career got a new lease of life.

In another instance, controversial filmmaker and atheist Velu Prabakaran kept publicly criticising Rajinikanth’s belief in God.

Reportedly, after that, one day when Rajini saw him walking on the road, he stopped his car and asked him to get in. At the time, Prabhakaran’s career was said to be on the downslide. Rajini told him that he wanted to do something for him and gave him a huge sum. Prabhakaran was dumbstruck and from that day on, he stopped spouting critical remarks against the actor.

Then there was actor Mansoor Ali Khan, who used to shoot off his mouth at the slightest provocation. He had a similar experience with Rajini. At every function he kept lashing out at Rajini, saying, ‘Mudiya
Kodhukiravanellam Mudhalamaichar agida Mudiyadhu’ (Just because you have charisma doesn’t mean you can lead a state).

Suddenly one day he got a call from Rajini. The latter offered him a role as the lead villain in his next film and made sure he got a handsome remuneration as well, more than Mansoor had ever heard of in his career! That’s Rajini’s style..

Now we come to the present. After comedian Vadivelu’s disparaging remarks about Rajini and his film Rana, the actor lost his chance to share screen space with the superstar, since director K. S. Ravikumar went ahead and signed Ganja Karuppu as the comedian in Rana.

After Rajini heard that Vadivelu’s remarks had upset several filmmakers and that he was almost sidelined from films, sources say that the Endhiran star is willing to forgive him and has agreed to include him in Rana’s ensemble cast.

That’s golden-hearted Rajinikanth — the magnanimous man who helps even his opponents!

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