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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Rakhi skipped Aamir's phone call!

Aamir was at his wittiest best at the unveiling of his new item boy avatar ‘Disco Fighter’ for the film 'Delhi Belly'.

The actor said sarcastically that he had approached all the actresses and item girls to do an item song with him, but all refused to do so.

“Even Rakhi Sawant didn’t pick up my calls,” added Aamir, who was in a tongue-in-cheek avatar, throughout the media interaction.

The controversial item girl Rakhi Sawant, in her infamous talk show, as a host had interviewed Aamir Khan and put across her desire to work with the actor in an item number and, then Aamir had acknowledged her by saying that they would do the same one day.

“I think item girls ko hataana hoga, ek tough fight hogi par item boys will rock all the away,” added Aamir, who also exclaimed that if that happened, he would want to be the 'Number One' item boy of Bollywood.

Attention SRK, Salman and Saifu! Mr. Perfectionist is all set to give you all, a close contest in the category of item boys too. We're dying to see some fireworks!

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