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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sanjay's love for Mallika's bikini upsets wife

Mallika Sherawat’s bikini show in ‘Double Dhamaal,’ has fluttered quite a few hearts. However, actor Sanjay Dutt's high rating of Mallika hot act, has put him in trouble.

As per the sources, Sanjay Dutt has gone out of his way to appreciate Mallika Sherawat in her bikini suit, which has apparently disturbed his wife Maanyata.

Sources add that the matter subsided when Dutt convinced his wife about how it it was merely for publicity of the film ‘Double Dhamaal’ that he appreciated the actress in general, but has no personal intentions. Maanyata’s apprehensions came, when media began talking about Sanju’s love for Mallika's bikini moment.

Though, Dutt has ranked Ms. Sherawat 7 out of 10, the filmmakers have apparently deleted the bikini shots to attract the family crowd. Thus, the scope of bikini controversy seems to end here, giving Dutt a sigh of relief.

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