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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hunger strike, but for Salman bhai!

National-award winning child artist, Harsh Mayyar threatens to go on a fast, Baba Ramdev style, for the hot actor

Child actor Harsh Mayar, who starred in I Am Kalam and also won a National Award for it, had once gone on a hunger strike to get to meet his favourite actor Salman Khan. Now, he is all set to do it again.

"I've done it earlier. Before I bagged IAK, I had gone to audition for Chillar Party because I heard Salman was going to be in it. That was my golden opportunity to meet him.

Later, I got to know he is not acting in the film, but will produce it. Look at all the kids from CP. They're going all over town with Sallu. I can't bear to see it," says the young actor.

So why did this little fan lose the chance to work in this film being produced by Salman? "I was rejected! Can you believe it? They found me too young for the part.

Anyway, its better because if I had done that film I couldn't have done IAK. And I wouldn't have got the National Award," says Harsh.

"I came from the auditions all heartbroken because it meant I couldn't meet Sallu. I stopped eating for two weeks and cried non-stop. My parents were so worried. They thought I'd fall ill."

Harsh says he's ready to go on a hunger strike all over again unless the actor finally gives him darshan. "I
want him to see my film.

We're colleagues after all. He has to let me meet him. Otherwise, I'll go on a bhook hartal and that too, right in front of his house."

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