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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Abhishek, Amitabh's special bond

This Father's Day, we take a look at the very public, sometimes saccharine and always endearing love between Big B and Jr B

Praising abhi in "guru"
"Abhishek is phenomenal (in "Guru"). I have held myself back on many an occasion from commenting on my son's work, but this time I shall not. To hell with niceties and restraint. Abhishek is incredible!

I have been choked with emotion ever since I emerged from the theatre and still am. This is a role of a lifetime for him and he has given the performance of a lifetime.

It is a role any actor worth his salt would die for and it is a performance that any actor worth his salt will envy"

Defending his son's acting in "Raavan"
"Lot of merited film was edited out, causing inconsistent performance and narrative. Abhishek's erratic behaviour was due to symbolic 10 heads visually appearing and each giving him different attitudes to adopt for a situation, he would then finally shake them off and decide... It's sad, in the edit you only see the after effect of that thinking process, hence inconsistent. In the edit, all the visual heads got cut and you see a confused Beera expression and wonder why?"

On the release of his Dad's movie
"We don't deserve a talent like Mr Bachchan! I don't think we can make movies to fit his talent!"

"Just got to know that KBC blew the ratings out of the water!!! Proud day to be a son! The big man shows us yet again how it should be done."

Replying to af an's comment
"'It takes 1 @SrBachchan to sell a Diamond but takes 3 @juniorbachchan to sell a SIM Card'"
– Haha good one. That's y he's the baap!!!" (sic)
Shooting with Daddy
"Playing PAA to Amitabh Bachchan is difficult. He is a living legend... I doubt if any other actor has ever portrayed such diversified role as he has done and is still doing! Before the camera rolled, we were like buddies... But once the camera rolled, he took over. He is the boss, from every angle, any day, anytime."

"My dad is not at all Bbudaah but a star. Since I am a big fan of Amitji, I wanna see the angry young man back in full form. Mark my words, he can give any one a tough fight at this age too. It is always a pleasure to work with Amitji."

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