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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Asin attacked

No, sweets, it’s not honey but bitter medicine Asin is getting a taste of. In the past rumours were wafting around about how Ms Thottumkal was playing the manipulation game with her B-town co-stars. Though she was pretty much jobless till recently, she knew she had hit gold when Ready came calling with Sallu. Now that the film is a success and Asin has climbed on to her high horse with her hoity-toity stance, insiders have been tattling to me that many of her so-called friends in the industry are totally put off. So while the likes of Sonakshi and Kangna are nice to her in person, the moment Asin turns her back, she’s assailed by a wave of antipathy she’s blissfully oblivious of. There’s also lots of gossip over her relationship with Neil Nitin Mukesh. While Asin feigns ignorance about how this originated, her non-filmy friends have been advising her to keep away from all such blather, especially since she has managed to find herself back in business. True, the gal’s doing her best to be nice. Last heard, Asin is extending a dosti ka haath to all those newbie girls whom she had aggravated during last couple of years. Nothing succeeds like success!

Aamir’s one-up on Bachchan

Ok, so the moment of reckoning has arrived and let the fact be stated that Aamir has not just won Round One over Amitabh Bachchan but has actually proceeded many steps ahead. His Delhi Belly is wrapped and ready for release with its plentiful promos and hype, while Bachchan’s Bbuddha is still stuck in a time warp. Organised Aamir got his entire machinery in motion from the word Go and though Bachchan fans too gladly lapped up what the legendary actor had to offer at the beginning, it is quite obvious ki iss waqt kiska palra bhaari hai. All (staged) controversies notwithstanding, Delhi Belly is making news for its “racy” songs and the so-called “leaked uncensored promos”. Another smart thing that Aamir has done is to keep his director Abhinav Deo at bay. He knows that the moment Abhinav takes the stage, hard-hitting queries would be hurled at him over his disastrous Game and the last thing he wants right now is anything negative from the past.

By contrast, Bachchan has been taking the conventional route in the film’s promotion with no imagination whatsoever which is making it look like a routine affair. Last heard, many have advised Bachchan to move away from the competition and he has given it some serious thought as well. However in this industry which is ruled by egos, I would be surprised if he actually takes a step back. Well, all I can say is, Sir, for your son’s sake (who is producing the film), please think again!

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