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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Katrina Kaif turns sexy secretary for GQ

Mondays won’t be manic if offices had secretaries like this. Katrina Kaif turns into a sexy secretary for the February issue of GQ magazine.

The photoshoot has Katrina Kaif posing in an office: in front of a typewriter, checking out files in a chiffonier, or simply sitting atop her desk.

In the interview, Katrina talks about a lot of topics, from her marriage plans to feeling alienated in Mumbai. Talking about her wedding plans, she said: "Do I see myself married in two years? I don't really know. I think by the time I'm around 33, I should be having kids. But you can't plan it. I do want to get married, but do I want to have a child grow up without a father? No. I think you need more security."

Talking about exposing on camera, Katrina said: "I'm not comfortable beyond a certain line of sensuality. I think it can be offensive to certain sectors of your audience. It's important that it comes across as you."

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