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Friday, February 11, 2011

Naseer will do a Rajini now!

Think a paunchy, flamboyantly dressed, wig wearing 60-year-old South Indian matinee idol romancing co-stars half his age. And think Naseeruddin Shah. Does not quite match, does it?

Director Milan Luthria has managed to pull off a coup of sorts by getting the slim, silver-haired actor to play Rajnikanth in the upcoming Silk Smitha biopic The Dirty Picture. Naseer of course is approaching it with his characteristic humour.

"Yes my character is modelled on Rajnikanth," he says. "I'll wear flamboyant clothes and I'll sport seven or eight wigs too. I'm really looking forward to it," says Naseer with a glint in his eye.

As for the paunch, the fit and flexible Naseer is steering clear of that. "I've asked Milan to eliminate the paunch. We have so many South Indian matinee idols who do not have a paunch," he points out.

"Dr Raj Kumar from Kannada cinema was extremely fit until a very ripe old age when he continued to be the hero." Other than the girth, everything about Naseer's character in the film starring Vidya Balan will be inspired by Rajnikanth.

Interestingly, Naseer admits he has not seen any Rajni film till date. "Milan is sending me a DVD of a film featuring Rajnikanth and Silk Smitha. I'm quite curious to see what it was all about. I am also planning to watch Robot."

Naseer hopes to pull off the perfect Rajni act convincingly. "I want to get a hang of that whole culture of flamboyant heroism in the South. These guys lead a dual life.

There's the public image and the private life which is often not quite what we expect it to be. I am fascinated by that dichotomy."

Silk Smitha, was the undisupted queen of soft porn, with over 200 films to her credit. While Naseer plays Smith'a favourite matinee idol, Tusshar Kapoor plays his brother, Emran Hashmi plays the filmmaker who groomed and allegedly exploited Smitha.

Responding to reports of a sequence in which Naseer's character rapes Balan's screen persona, an amused Naseer says, "Rape? Not at all. It's all consensual!"

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