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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paswan warns Kangna against walking out

Rumours say that's the only reason why the curly haired Bollywood actress is in Chirag Paswan's film.

Actors often fall prey to their own greed. The grapevine says that Kangna Ranaut and her secretary at that point chose a movie with Chirag Paswan, son of politician Ram Vilas Paswan because Kangna was reportedly offered Rs five crore. Talk is that the actress was wanting to move into a penthouse and this money came in handy.

But soon after the lure of the megabucks settled, Kangna started with her erratic behaviour. She wanted to walkout of the film as she wasn't too happy with her co-star. Now we hear that she has done a 360 degree turn and adjusted all her dates. "Chirag's debut was in serious trouble. Kangna tried to wriggle out of this project citing date issues.

That is when Ram Vilas had a word with the star, asking her to remain true to the contract. He explained to her that her walkout would jeopardise Chirag's debut," says a trade source.

Kangna who is in Bangkok couldn't be contacted. Her spokesperson denied the story. We were informed that Kangna is sorting out her dates and will definitely be a part of Chirag's film.

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