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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ranbir at Kat's house before IT raid!

Ranbir escaped being caught at Katrina's house; as he left just before the IT officials came knocking.
PS: Just goes to show... Timing is everything

While Shahid Kapoor was found in Priyanka Chopra's flat the morning of the IT raids (January 24), Ranbir Kapoor escaped being caught at girlfriend Katrina Kaif's flat, as he left a couple of hours before the IT officials arrived.

Roz ki baat hai

Says a source in Bandra, "Apparently, Ranbir and Katrina have been meeting almost every night at her place after he finishes his workouts at a gym nearby.

 That night too (the night before the raids on January 23), RK came over a little after 10 pm and spent some time with her."

According to the Bandra source, the Kapoor lad was with Kat till 4 am in the morning. "He has been out of town for almost two months so the couple caught up on lost time. 

They were together till the wee hours of the morning when finally Ranbir left, as he wanted to go home and freshen up. The IT officials came to Kat's home at around 6 am."

Lucky escape

The source feels that Ranbir is lucky to have left earlier or he too would have been caught with Katrina like Shaks was with PC when the IT officials arrived.

"He escaped by the skin of his teeth and it's what RK has been telling close friends and family."

However, the source adds that in the last couple of few weeks, Kapoor and Kaif have become more open in their feelings towards each other.

"They were spotted at a suburban restaurant today and appeared quite comfortable to be seen in each other's company. They feel it's time to come clean about their relationship and don't mind being spotted together."

Ranbir and Katrina remained unavailable for comment.

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