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Sunday, July 10, 2011

John misses Bips?

Is our ‘Desi boy’ Jonny having a change of heart? “Darling, John is finally single,” cooed my ditsy socialite pal like she even has a chance. But looks like she is in for a disappointment. But hey wait a sec! Hadn’t John poured his heart out to the grand dame of chat shows, Simiji — she so reminds me of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations — about how he had outgrown his relationship with Bips? But my khabru insists otherwise. Apparently, despite the bravado, John is moaning over his judaai with Bips. I believe his buddies are trying to pep him up break ke baad. As for Bips — the lady has simply cut her losses and moved on to garam phirang men. John is history now, sweets. My disgruntled pal insists that Bip’s friends are spreading this rumour just for kicks. Kya pata, kuch bhi ho sakti hai! Bollywood’s like that only, darlings!

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