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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shazahn's 'Serious Bodyline' on 'Maxim' Mag

Serious Bodyline' is what the headline says, complementing that is more than just a pretty face, this PYT's name is Shazahn Padamsee. A bright future for her is what one can foresee!

Well, the above mentioned words define this month's Maxim. The hot and sexy Shazahn Padamsee is the cover girl in this month's issue! Shazahn, in this issue speaks about the 'origin' of her name, her wild side, her boyfriend, her secret of being so sexy, one superpower that she wants... till , the way she defines herself in 5 words (Oh yes! There is an 'F' word also here!).

All in all, Shazahn knows how to bowl over in Maxim-um overs!

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