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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Asin avoiding Neil Nitin Mukesh?

Basking in the glory of her latest film, the actress shuns her once ‘close’ friend Neil Nitin Mukesh

Asin Thottumkal basking in the glory of her latest success Ready, seems to have forgotten a few old friends. Neil Nitin Mukesh happens to be one of them. Their ‘friendship’ seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Not so long ago, the two of them were thick friends. Asin, in fact, took a few career calls for Neil in the past. When he was asked to star in Hriday Shetty’s film, the actress came forward and told the director that the script wasn’t good enough for Neil. Buzz is, Asin has gone into a different space after Ready hit the jackpot. A friend of Neil confirmed, “Yes. This is true. She has been avoiding him. Perhaps she got carried away by the success of Ready.”

Added the source, “But it’s okay.  We all tend to go on some trip when we are on a high. Asin seems to be on a high horse right now. Neil and Asin’s common friends also feel the same.”

But like every dark cloud, this one too has a silver lining. Filmmakers like Hriday Shetty, who were finding it difficult to cast Asin and Neil together can now, heave a sigh of relief.

Asin and Neil however, remained unavailable for comments.

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