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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John confesses about his split with Bips

The news of actors Bipasha Basu and John Abraham’s break-up came as a shock to most as the two were dating for the past eight years. Though Basu has been vocal about her feelings, Abraham refused to comment on the relationship until now. He has apparently poured his heart out on a chat show recently.

A source says, “John said that after being in a relationship for eight years you want to try out everything to make it work. And when it still isn’t working out, it’s still not easy to break up instantly as you have some really fond memories with the person.”

He added that Basu was a very strong person and that is what he loved about her. But the problem he felt was that they were both headstrong. He went on to say that as much as men say they believe in women’s liberation, they are chauvinistic. He added that he cared about the women in his life and would not like it if they were in any problem. Therefore he maintained the ‘no comments’ stand.

The source further adds, “On the show John’s parents were asked who they feel would be an ideal girl for him. John’s dad maintained that he should settle down with any girl he felt happy with and said that he liked Bipasha. John’s mother clearly ignored Bipasha in her talks and not even once referred to her.”

However, now rumour mills are abuzz that the actor has been quite well with women around him. In fact, the hunk has been spotted having coffee and on another occasion dinner with an upcoming model Priya.

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