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Friday, June 17, 2011

Poonam Pandey laughs at leaked MMS

Poonam pandey's supposed 'strip act' in an MMS of hers has gone viral, and it has seen over 23,000 hits.

The MMS was uploaded on Tuesday, and a few hours later, Poonam tweeted, saying, "Check out Poonam Pandeys MMS... DONT KNOW HOW TO REACT ON THIS FEEL LIKE LOL.(sic)" Poonam, told us, "I was doing a bikini shoot for a mag when this was made. Someone shot it like a ghost and posted it. I felt bad initially, but then I thought, it's okay.

Let them post it and watch it. I laughed at it. You find it funny also, the extent to which people go to make videos of you."

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