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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sanjay Dutt's driver plays Mallika's dad

Sanjay Dutt makes his chauffeur enact a scene in 'Double Dhamaal' for fun sake

Like Sanjay Dutt, his chauffeur Prasad also loves to act.

Having been part of the Dutt household for ages (he has been driver to Sanjay's mother Nargis as well as to his sister Priya during her student days), he feels some of the acting skills of his boss have rubbed on to him.

Sanjay Dutt with his driver Prasad

To fulfill his wish, the star made him act out one scene in Double Dhamaal with full costume and make-up. His co-star was Mallika Sherawat and though he had to play her father, he was absolutely thrilled!

Says a unit source, "They told him to act like a typical Hindi film dad. It was an emotional scene with MS pleading with him, but he remaining adamant.

And then suddenly, he is overcome with pain and suffers a heart attack."

Dialogue time
Adds the source, "It was Sanjay who requested director Indra Kumar to take Prasad for the scene.

He even helped him to memorise his lines. Even though it was not in the script given to Mallika, the actress agreed to do the scene as Indra told her that some extra emotional naatak was needed."

Explains Indra, "As our film is a comedy, Sanju approached me to let Prasad do a prank act with Mallika.

So I narrated the scene and she got ready to enact it. But while doing the scene, Prasad said something really funny to her and she was taken aback.

Sanjay burst out laughing. The film is full of pranks played on each other, off-screen as well as on-screen!"

Prasad's scene might not remain in the final edit of Double Dhamaal but if it does Dutt will be laughing the loudest!

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