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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sonam makes peace with Bhansali

Sonam Kapoor takes a hurt Sanjay Leela Bhansali to dinner for a more personal apology

Seems like Sonam Kapoor is set to restore all the bridges she has burnt in the past. Apparently, on her birthday on June 9, she took her mentor Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with whom she had soured relations with, for a hush-hush dinner.

Sonam Kapoor

Taking a flashback
It may be recalled that the actress's comment on a chat show had upset the Saawariya director

On the show, host and director Karan Johar asked her 'what would she do if she woke up one morning and realised she'd become Bhansali?'.

To this, the fashionista, who is known in the industry for her mischievous candor, replied 'get colour in my life apart from blue and black'. Not surprisingly, Bhansali, who gave her a break in the industry, got quite offended. 
Nipping problem from the bud
Sonam did apologise, but to remove the end bits of thorn between them, she made a special plan. An industry insider says, "SK had realised her mistake and apologised to her mentor.

Bhansali, who doesn't like nursing grudges against anyone, forgave her for her childish mistake. But there was still some awkwardness left between the two.

So the actress thought her birthday was the best time to take the filmmaker out and have a heart to heart talk with him."

The source adds, "Now thankfully, everything is fine. Sonam told Bhansali that she never meant to be disrespectful to him and has always held him in high esteem. And he also told her to be a bit careful with her words in future."

Dad's sweet daughter
Sonam, recently, played peacemaker between her dad Anil Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty, too.

Anil had rewarded Shilpa as 'the worst case of botox' on the same chat show. Not only that, he went on to narrate how her lip and nose job during Badhai Ho Badhai disrupted the entire shooting!

Another source says, "Her frankness and sharp tongue has displeased many of her colleagues. It's high time she extends the olive branch to people she has hurt before it's too late."

So who is next Sonam? Ranbir Kapoor or Shobhaa De? Both Sonam and Bhansali remained unavailable for comment.

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