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Thursday, June 16, 2011

‘Shruti Haasan is my co-star, that’s all’

After seven long years, Siddharth, once the lover-boy of Kollywood, is returning to his roots with a bilingual — Nootrienbadhu in Tamil and 180 in Telugu. The bilingual film is the product of Siddharth’s mentor, filmmaker Jayendra, for whom 180 is his debut directorial venture.

“Nootrienbadhu is special to me, as I am happy to return to the Tamil screen, especially with Jayendra who has known me since I was a kid. It’s all the more significant as the character I play reflects my real-life personality. He lives for the day and doesn’t think about the past, nor does he bother about the future. That’s exactly me,” Siddharth starts off his conversation with DC.

The actor says it is the first time in his career, spanning more than a decade and a total of 12 films, that he is acting in a genuine bilingual flick. “I am really excited to see myself on screen in a Tamil movie after a long time. It’s an emotional film and centered on a man and the two women in his life.” Does this mirror his real-life situation as well? Sid gets bit serious and says, “I am talking only about my film’s script.”

Ok, so it’s inevitable that we shift gears to the topic of Shruti Haasan. It’s common knowledge that she is currently the girl in his life.

It comes as a big surprise to find that the Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu star is unwilling to open up. “She is my co-star in one of my coming Telugu flicks. That’s all. Why can’t we talk about my two co-stars Priya Anand and Nithya Menon in 180 instead?” he suggests, trying to steer the conversation into a lighter vein. But when you persist about the rumours of his alleged relationship with Shruti, he comes back to normal and shrugs, “Rumours are rumours! In the past, I have been linked with at least a dozen actresses and so I take them in my stride.”

He determinedly gets back to the topic of his costars Priya and Nithya and is all praise for them. “Both are highly talented and have dubbed in their own voices in Tamil and Telugu. Contrary to misconceptions, 180 is a happy and enjoyable flick with a positive ending.” Asked to comment on the music being one of the highlight of the film, he agrees wholeheartedly. “Undoubtedly! When you look at the visuals along with the music, you will know how much effort has gone into it. Music composer Sharreth has done a brilliant job and his tunes are very original. It does not sound like regular film music from a Siddharth starrer. I say this because my Tollywood film composers are more inclined towards the audio market.” Going by the teasers, it appears that Sid plays a dual role.

He smiles enigmatically. “Oh, that’s the beauty of the teaser cut by Jayendra. Another intriguing factor is its title. I can’t reveal the surprise element. Please watch it on screen. ” On the long gap since his last film in Bollywood, he says that he has always considered B’town a part of his ‘additional’ work. “I would never see Bollywood as superior to south films. I am happy with what I am in Tollywood and with my huge fan following in Telugu; I want to stick to them. But, I am open to any language. If I get an inspiring script, I would certainly accept it!” he states. People say that he is the Aamir Khan of the south. He smiles modestly. “It’s unfair to compare me with a legend like Aamir. I take this compliment with a pinch of salt!”

The actor will soon launch his own production banner and says he wants to give new talent a chance. Presently, his kitty is full with two very big Hindi projects and one more Tamil-Telugu bilingual which he says he will soon announce.

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