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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Should Deepika apologise?

After her outburst against Ranbir on Karan Johar's show KOFFEE WITH KARAN, Deepika Padukone's real life has become an exercise in hide and seek.

Reveals our source, "Wherever the star actress goes, the shadows of her comments don't leave her company. Such is Deepika's misery that she has to check out the timetable of some people before she can attend an event or an award ceremony."

And the two people that Deepika is scared of are Ranbir's mom and dad. Ever since her comments against Ranbir on the TV show, Ranbir's parents have been vying for revenge. But the actress is smartly tackling the issue by maintaining a safe distance.

But the possibility of a close encounter is giving Deepika sleepless nights. Deepika's caustic comments have damaged the fabric of her earlier equation with Ranbir's parents. It is worth to mention that there used to be a time when Deepika was the most welcome guest at Ranbir's home. Now, the equation has taken a complete U turn.

Our source has a word of advice for Deepika. Says he, "The only way Deepika can get out of this situation is by coming up with a public apology. This will ease the tension that she had added to herself post the comments."

Well, apology or no apology is entirely the prerogative of the actress. But, let's hope she chooses a way of less conflict for herself.

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