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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sonam speaks about her life

After a rather controversial last year (reported spats with actor Abhay Deol and taking potshots at Ranbir Kapoor), one would expect that the only thing actor Sonam Kapoor would be hoping for is a smooth sail in 2011.

However, the actress reveals that it’s not so. “I have better things to ask for, than worry about such frivolous stuff,” she says, adding, “My life’s much too happening at the moment for me to worry about what others have to say about me.”

As for her her alleged rift with co-actor Abhay Deol, she says, “There’s nothing to sort out between Abhay and me. In fact, I’ve not even spoken to him personally once, so I don’t know what to make of his comments.” Sonam also reveals that she’s not averse to working with him in the future either. “My choice of films depends on my role and the filmmaker, not on co-actors,” she clarifies.

The actress is at present shooting for Abbas Mustan’s Players in New Zealand with actor Abhishek Bachchan and says that it feels like a sense of deja vu. Incidentally, Abhishek is the only co-star that she is working with for the second time. “Abhi did point that out to me too,” she shares.

“But anyway, there’s a long way for me to go and hopefully, I’ll work with all of them at least 10 times more,” she smiles. Apart from the Abbas Mustan thriller she also has Mausam and Thank You to look forward to this year.

The pretty star is also hoping to squeeze some time off for herself soon after she wraps up the three films. “Yes, it’s been super hectic for me since last year and I’ve hardly had a break. Though I’m not complaining about it, my parents do say that they haven’t seen me in a long while,” smiles the actress.

Sonam is also looking forward to her sister Rhea’s next film as a producer, but reveals that as of now nothing’s been finalised. As for her doing the film, she says, “Dad’s taught us one thing in life and that’s to first deserve than desire. So, I’ll have to earn a role even if it’s a home production. But I do hope she casts me in her next too.”

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