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Monday, February 7, 2011

SRK calls Akshay 'Chota Baccha'

It looks nothing less a clash of the Titans when two industry heavyweights share a common platform, wooing an ocean of audience. This is exactly what happened when Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar shared the same dais while entertaining a humongous gathering in Singapore at an award function held recently.

Director Sajid Khan, who was co-hosting the starry evening along with Akshay asked SRK to join them on stage. And a sport that SRK is, he readily agreed, only to take a dig at his contemporary Akki. Sajid, addressed the two actors as Bollywood’s ‘two most biggest superstars’ and this seemed to pinch King Khan, quite a lot.

After receiving the award Shahrukh and Akshay were asked by Sajid to say a dialogue from each other movie. While saying a dialogue from his film 'Chamatkar' , Sharukh added " tab tum chote bache the ", which meant that you were child at that time reffering to akshay kumar.On this akshay was quick to respond by saying " haan Dadaji", which means grand father. Though it seemed sarcastic but both were able to maintain the comic atmosphere.

Clarifying that the dig at SRK was scripted, Akki, while interacting with reporters said, “"Oh yes, it was all scripted. Shah Rukh told me that his movies used to come when I was a kid. So I said, `Yes `Dadaji``. We had planned it all and we did so because the audience loves such kind of masala."

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