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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aamir-RGV ceasefire?

Sixteen years post Rangeela -- the only movie where the actor and the director worked together -- are they ready to bury the past...

The monsoons seem to have brought in a season of reconciliation along with the rains. After Sonam Kapoor made peace with mentor Sanjay Leela Bhansali recently, Ram Gopal Varma seems to be on a patch-up spree, too.


We have learnt that the official theatrical trailer of RGV's next, Not A Love Story starring Mahie Gill, will be released with Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly.

Considering the director and the actor had a fall out post Rangeela in 1995 and have not worked together since, one wonders if this is a baby step towards their patch-up.

The firstr look of Not A Love Story

Who is responsible?
An industry insider says, "The producer of the film, Sunil Bohra, has been instrumental in making this happen. He wanted the promo to come out with Delhi Belly and when he asked Ramu, he immediately agreed. Aamir was also very forthcoming when Sunil approached him.

He wanted to see the trailer first. Once he saw it he called Ramu to congratulate him and told him that he is more than happy to attach the promo with his film."

A source close to Aamir however, denies any possibility of truce, "There is no patch up. It was a decision taken by UTV and AK played along."

Bohra confirms, "Yes, our first theatrical trailer is coming out with Delhi Belly. I requested AK and he agreed graciously because he is my very dear friend. There is nothing to do with his patch up with RGV. "
Ramu remained unavailable for comments.

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