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Monday, June 13, 2011

Abhi-John's dostana again!

Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham have decided to take their dostana forward! The two actors are planning to come out with a series of films starring both of them — thus branding them a pair.

Says a source, "AB Jr and JA have been in talks to come out with a series of films in different genres to take their Dostana a step further. While Tarun Mansukhani will bring out the film's sequel, the two actors are very excited about branding their pair. Some people even felt that the men shared more chemistry on screen together than they did with lead actress Priyanka Chopra.

The informer adds, "Both actors get along extremely well. AB Jr has mentioned in interviews that wife Aishwarya and John are his favourite co-stars. Last year, at an award event when he was absent, Abhi asked Aish and John to jointly collect the award."

The stars have yet to decide if they will find producers or their own individual production houses will jointly produce the films. "The films will be launched next year. The duo plan to approach big directors to helm their films. Currently, they have been going through various scripts to finalise some projects. They don't just want to do romcoms. From niche films to cop dramas, everything's on the agenda."

John confirms, "Yes, Abhishek and I have been in talks to bring out a series of films with us starring in it. All films will be of different genres. It's our way of taking the chemistry we share on screen forward. Abhishek is a wonderful guy and I'm very protective and fond of him. I don't like it if people criticise him in front of me. I tell them not to do it."

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