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Friday, June 17, 2011

Abhi turns relationship advisor to John

If you hear that actor John Abraham is on a bonding-spree with the ladies post his break-up with actor Bipasha Basu, then here's some more news. A birdie tells us that he has also got a very patient ear in actor Abhishek Bachchan.

Sources say that John and Abhishek have been bonding a lot and this extends beyond the usual narration sessions or the production meetings of their forthcoming film. We also hear that lately Abhishek and John have been discussing a lot about off screen matters too. So is it that they are sharing relationship advice?

"Ask Abhishek and he will start gushing about John. Post the break-up, John has found an ideal friend in Abhishek who sits with him for hours discussing things intently. We think that Abhishek is certainly advising him on relationship issues but we can't tell you for sure because both John and Abhishek are tight-lipped about what they discuss," says a source.

It is also part of the plan though that John and Abhishek will bond now because their sequel will need them to have a crackling chemistry in the 'Dostana' sequel. So, Karan Johar (the producer of the sequel) has advised them to bond, so that their chemistry again shows on the screen.

"We hear that John has told Abhishek how he is hurt with the goings-on right now. Their break-up (between John and Bipasha) happened last year, but we hear that they were keeping up the pretence and trying to work out things between them till they reached a point of no return. However, John seems quite cheerful after talking to Abhishek," the source adds.

Though John has shut himself off from giving interviews, Abhishek is quite candid when he is asked about John. But he is again careful not to tread into any zone but only the movie that will go on the floors soon.

"My pairing with John has always been successful. Both the films we've done together have been big hits. He's great fun to work with and is a very dear friend. We have 'Dostana 2' lined up next and I hope the two of us get the opportunity to make many more films together," says Abhishek.

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