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Monday, June 13, 2011

Anushka Sharma's Bikini pic hits the Internet

Just a few months after Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan’s morphed bikini pictures made rounds on the Internet, Band Baaja Baraat actress Vidya Balan is bearing the brunt of being a celebrity in the time of the World Wide Web.

Internet miscreants morphed Anushka Sharma's face with a bikini clad model and released it online. The picture, which started to appear online from few days back and it is going viral all over the net.

A similar prank was played on Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan recently, when the actress's morphed bikini picture was released online. Though there are numerous morphed images of actresses online, the recent ones are appearing more realistic.

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif and her sister Isabelle have also been the prey of web harassment. Kaif's mother Susanne Turquotte had condemned the people involved with such acts in a press note, "Katrina is aware of the malicious posts that have come up from time to time on the net. That she has kept quiet all his while doesn't mean that she will keep quiet all the time. She's also considering legal options for websites and software applications that tend to draw users using these tactics,"

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