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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sidhartha Mallya with Ranbir's girl!

Angela Jonsson was spotted putting the moves on Sidhartha Mallya at Shilpa Shetty's birthday party a few days ago.

The calendar girl entered the party with Prateik and some friends, but soon made her way towards Deepika Padukone's boyfriend, the minute she saw him.

A guest recounts, "Angela knows Sid, having modelled for his company's calendar. They are acquaintances but have never partied together before. Neither seemed fazed by the fact that there were people around. While she giggled the night away, he was all ears."

Since Deepika is in London shooting, Sidhartha seemed at ease with his friends and the female attention he was attracting. "Though he's madly in love with Deepika, it hasn't stopped him from engaging in healthy flirting. Angela, too, enjoyed the attention Sid showered on her, even as the other girls at the party suffered jealous pangs," noted the guest.

In the past, Jonsson has admitted to briefly dating Ranbir Kapoor. Friends reveal that she's extremely open about her feelings towards the men she likes. A friend reveals, "Angela wears her heart on her sleeve. If she likes someone, it's very obvious. She isn't the sorts to hide it. Also, she enjoys having conversations with witty guys."

The flirting appeared mutual. Deepika should be a little worried, we think!

...While dippy gets trippy

Sidhartha Mallya and Deepika Padukone sure know how to give each other space. The actress was spotted in the company of a good-looking man earlier this week at an exclusive nightclub in London's Mayfair area. DP, in the city shooting for Homi Adajania's next with Saif Ali Khan, was in an amorous mood.

Says an onlooker, "A few nights ago, Deepika dropped in at the members-only, very exclusive Cirque Du Soir, famed for its fancy dress code, friends in tow. That night, the women dressed up as nurses while the men masqueraded as doctors. Dippy, however, wore a simple casual white outfit. She looked cosy with this one guy in particular. The two even made it a point to groove to slow, mellow tracks as well. Her companion isn't a celebrity. She seemed to enjoy herself and appeared to be in high spirits. It was only when other guests asked her for pictures that she got conscious and refused." Adds the source, "The night club is dimly-lit with armchairs and sofas, double lampshades and an art deco mirrored alcove at the very back, sheltered with velvet curtains for privacy (VIP area). Dippy later moved to that area with her friends."

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