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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asin's cheap publicity stunts irks Hriday Shetty

Asin was a leading actress in Tamil Film Industry three years ago. The she switched over to Bollywood. She paired with Aamir Khan in the Hindi film Ghajini which was the remake of the Tamil Ghajini.

She did the female lead role in this film also. Since this film was a hit, she got offers. She paired with Salman Khan in the film London Dreams and the recently released Ready. Now she is having only one Hindi film titled House Full 2 in her hand.

In between this there was news that she is going to pair with Shahrukh Khan and also she has been signed for two more films. There was also another news that actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has forced the director Hriday Shetty to sign Asin for the female lead role. Now Asin is being accused for spreading such rumors. Bollywood circle says that her PROs are spreading false rumors in order to get offers.

Hriday Shetty said that Asin should stop these kinds of activities for publicity sake. He said, "I have not signed Neil Nitin Mukesh for any of my film. When the situation was like this where is the question of Nil forcing me to sign Asin. I have so far not met Asin so far. I did not approach Neil Nitin for my film. I was very busy for the last one year with Naseeruddin Shah’s film. There is no necessity for me to sign a South Indian actress when there are so many talented actresses in Bollywood."

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