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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minissha isn't happy with Vinay Pathak

When Minissha Lamba signed on for the sequel to Bheja Fry, she was mighty excited to have an opportunity to be a part of the winning team.

But there are strong rumours that suggest that the actress is not very pleased to see Vinay Pathak hogging the limelight during the peak of promotions.

A source informs, “Minissha is a huge fan of the franchise and willingly stepped in for the sequel. She was already working with director Sagar Bellary in Hum Tum Aur Shabana, which further reaffirmed her faith in him.” But things didn’t seem to work according to plan for the actress, although she is quick to defend herself when probed about the issue.

“When it comes to comedy in Hindi cinema, there is very minimal scope for heroines. The genre is such that the best comic scenes are always penned from the man’s point of view. Though I don’t entirely understand the logic behind it, I don’t challenge it either. It’s good to accept things,” she says. Maybe more so, when one doesn’t have much of a choice.

Speaking further about her character in the film, Minissha says, “Definitely, at the end of the day Bheja Fry will always be about Bharat Bhushan (played by Vinay Pathak). So instead of cribbing about the length of individual roles, it’s better to contribute what’s expected of you and then sit back and enjoy what Vinay does on screen. That’s what I am going to do.” Now, did we hear a silent scream behind all that loud appreciation?

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