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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emraan-Mallika to sizzle again?

Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat, it seems, are ready to sizzle on screen together once again. The two had reportedly stopped working with each other after their last film Murder because of some unresolved issues, but the bitterness is now over. As Emraan says that he won’t mind working with the actress again.

Emraan, it is believed, was really miffed with Mallika because of the limelight hogging tactics that she used during Murder and had decided not to work with her ever again. According to industry sources, Emraan was also one of the reasons why Mallika, once said to be a hot contender for Murder 2, was not signed on for the film. The popular belief is that when the Bhatts suggested Mallika’s name for the film, Emraan put his foot down.

“Emraan is not carrying any grudge about it at all. Though after Murder, Emraan chose to stay away from Mallika, he is not allowing his current professional decisions to be affected by his personal likes or dislikes,” a source close to the actor said. Although Emraan hasn’t extended the olive branch as yet, the actor says that he didn’t have any issues with her being a part of the team, and if a project comes across, he won’t mind pairing with Mallika again. “I am comfortable if that turns out to be the case. I have no issues with Mallika,” he says. Mallika is believed to have been in touch with th Bhatts and there may soon be a project on the anvil.

When questioned if he had put his foot down when it came to casting decisions for Murder 2, the actor replied, “As for casting, I can say that I was in Murder 2 from day one. Why is Mallika not there? Well, for that you would have to ask the Bhatts.” Now don’t be surprised if the Bhatts indeed plan Murder 3 with Mallika and Emraan. And let’s just hope all is really well between the hot pair.

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