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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Imran defends a casanova Ranbir

As his next profoundly A-rated film gets ready to hit the marquee soon, Imran Khan also readies to shed his good-boy image...

The always-politically-correct Imran Khan gets as candid as he can at his mammu, Aamir Khan's office.

Imran Khan at Aamir Khan's office in Bandra
As we set the floor to unearth all controversies related to this very un-controversial actor, Imran tells us about an array of things from getting bolder onscreen to the divisive DK Bose number in his next Delhi Belly. and of course, Avantika and Ranbir Kapoor...

The good-boy tag has been attached with you always?
Because, that is how I live.

It's said that good is boring and bad is exciting...
s true ¦ but for a certain age. I remember the bad guys who were bunking and smoking, they were the guys who always had girl friends and girls never had time for me. Suddenly, when you cross a certain age you realize girls like good guys.

What about in movies? You never got tempted to shun your good boy image  as you will with DB?
Onscreen images change from film to film. Audiences today are very excited by the prospect of actors doing something different.

Have you finally decided to taken on bolder films like Delhi Belly?
I was never inhibited. This is the first film I shot after Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The truth is that a lot of people just don't write or make such films. DB is not a sex comedy but an adult comedy.

Aamir Khan has never attempted such a bold movie. Did you convince him?
Aamir has been a very fearless actor and producer. He has always taken up films that no one would dare touch. The fact is that nobody approached him with such a script before. This script has done the rounds of every producer in Bollywood without exception. Aamir was the last guy to read the script and the only guy who had the courage to take it up.

A lot of people have condemned the DK Bose song...
t is the mark of a cool, young music! Whenever there is something actually cool and young people like it, society immediately dumps it. Some beautiful songs written by great lyricists very openly talk sex. Somehow, people don't have any problem with it because they are disguised in other languages. To me it's hypocrisy.

Would you watch DB with your parents and your future kids?
I have watched it with my parents and fortunately they are cool. My kids will have to be above 18 for me to watch it with them. It's an A-rated film.

There were stories about a fallout between Aamir and the director, Abhiney Deo?
People like to say this stuff about AK, but the fact is, any director who has worked with him has never had anything bad to say about him. People like to write such stories because it makes for a good copy.

So far, your best films are with your mammu...
can't disregard I Hate Love Stories!

What was Avantika's reaction to your first onscreen kiss?
She is very good with separating onscreen from off-screen images. In every film, you are romancing heroines and you have these intimate scenes. She has never given me any grief for that.

Do people see you as an entry ticket to Aamir Khan Camp?
He doesn't have a camp. I am still trying to understand how to get entry into his camp, if there is one. Working with him is purely on merit based. You are not guaranteed anything. I have done five auditions for this role in DB.

Rumour mills are abuzz with stories of fall out between Ranbir and you?
He messaged me last week saying 'DK Bose is awesome. I can't wait to see DB'. When such stories come out, we directly call up each other. With so many people around you to fill your ears it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

You both are vying for the same spot. That obviously makes you rivals.
It's people who love to do this. Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh have been pitted against one another for twenty years. The funny thing is that success or failure of other actors is not going to do anything to my film. If Ranbir's film does well, it doesn't damage my film and vice versa. So we are actually we are not in a race.

What is your USP?
In India, people like an actor for who he is. They see you as the person you are. And then decide if they like you or don't. For whatever reason, people like me because they like who I am.

All leading actresses Deepika, Sonam, Katrina and Kareena have been raving about you? What makes you so popular with women?
Like I said, when you reach a certain age, you like good guys. 

You defended Ranbir recently saying 'what's wrong if he likes wine and women'. So you also had your share of legal fun?
Of course I have had girlfriends. I like to go out and party. What I was trying to say is that people crucified
Ranbir for doing something that is actually not wrong. He is a young star. If he enjoys partying and dating girls, what is the problem?

What is the sweetest thing you have done for Avantika?
I have not had a chance to do anything sweet for her. I have been shooting non-stop. I am planning to take her on a holiday on her birthday in July. We didn't even go for a honeymoon!

She doesn't complain?
She is very good about it. But maybe if I don't take her this year then she will start cribbing.

Your tips to make marriage work...
re is no one thing. It is basically mutual respect and understanding. It is not about planning big surprises with flowers. It's about being considerate about small stuff. You should be emotionally there for each other.

What's up with Short Term Shaadi?
It is a terrible title. We are trying to change it. It was never supposed to be the title. I am pushing for a Hindi title. I feel hindi titles get more attraction. You will be surprised to know how many people are calling Delhi Belly dilli billi.

You said Katrina is very reserved?
It takes sometime to get to know her. She is initially very quite and keeps to herself. A lot of people don't get to see that side of hers. She has impressed me with her work ethics in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. A lot of people call her just a pretty face and not an actor. I think this film will shut them up. 

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