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Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Aishwarya finally expecting a Baby ?

Ever since they got hitched, speculation has been rife about the stork visiting Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.

The latest to hint at the new addition to the Bachchan parivar is Junior B’s tweet: “@juniorbachchan: Alright gotta put the dancing shoes... BIG B IN DA HOUSE!!!! with a ‘little’ support from junior!” Is Abhishek’s support “little” or is Baby B referring to his baby on the way?

At a recent event, media photographers speculated that Ash might be sporting a baby bump as she ensured that her sari’s pallu remained fixed across her belly right through the event.

While many of her inexplicable fashion choices have only highlighted her fluctuating weight, the industry continues to be abuzz with talk of Ash undergoing IVF treatment.

Aishwarya is thought by many to be the world's greatest beauty. Speaking last year about her hopes to one day become a mom, she said, "Life itself is a blessing, let alone to have opportunity to be able to bring a life into this world.... It's really not in our hands... it's in God's hands. I hope I am just blessed with that experience, I am really looking forward to it and we will certainly cherish it."

What’s the truth? We don’t know, but we’re watching the Twitterspace as closely as you are.

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