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Friday, June 17, 2011

'When Karisma called me a B**** '

My toughest scene was when Lolo (Karisma Kapoor) called me a b****. Yes, it’s true. It was in a film called Rishtey. I laugh whenever I think about it. I played a comic role of a loud and funny Koli woman, who was secretly in love with Anil Kapoor.

However, he loved Lolo, so I decided to leave him. In the scene, I had to confront Lolo, scold her and push her after she calls me a ‘b****’. So you can imagine the tension on the sets. You know how it is when you’re shooting with another actress. There’s always that undercurrent of competitiveness and friction.

On top of that, I had never met Lolo before. And the director, Induji, had decided to shoot this confrontational scene on the first day. My dialogue for the scene was two-pages long and I had to maintain the same Koli accent throughout the shot, which was really tough because when you’re doing a dramatic scene you tend to lose track of the accent and just concentrate on getting the emotions right.

Lolo was just expected to stare at me, while I delivered my lengthy monologue. I am very proud of my performance though. Playing a comic role and then having to carry off a serious dramatic sequence was not easy. But I think I pulled it off.

Others may think my roles in Phir Milenge or Life In A Metro were challenging, but to me Rishtey was my toughest scene.

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