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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Karisma Kapoor's Dangerous Ishq!

Karisma Kapoor's comeback film is turning out to be a film from a completely different league. Vikram Bhatt's ambitious venture Dangerous Ishq is going to be the biggest challenge of the actress' career.

Not only does she have to train herself in martial arts, Karisma will also play five different roles across five different lifetimes covering various events; spanning from the ancient spiritual times to the partition of India, assassination of ex-prime minister Indira Gandhi to present day politics.

Reluctant to reveal details, Vikram Bhatt who is currently busy with pre-production work, says, "Yes Karisma's character will go back in time to four different eras, including the role in present time, so it's a total of five roles.

The story opens in 1498 and then moves through various eras to contemporary times. Karisma will start with playing Mirabai and then move forward in time."

Speaking about Karisma, Vikram says, "She has always been a hard-working actress. But I feel this film is going to be the biggest challenge of her career. Dangerous Ishq will take her to a whole new level as an actor."

The actress faces an added challenge of doing heavy-duty action sequences for the first time. According to our sources, Karisma requires extensive training in martial arts for the action sequences.

The film written by Amin Haji would have Karisma sharing screen space with five different leading men.

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