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Friday, June 10, 2011

Salman's 'b****y' reference!

Salman speaks his heart. That the world knows. But we were in for a hilarious surprise when he poured his heart to zoOm, during the promotions of Ready.

In one of the most sensational interviews he's ever given, Salman said things that you wouldn't iagine in your wildest dreams. So get 'ready' for Salman, uncensored... Starting with his 'ex' factor.

When quizzed about whether he was possessive, all Salman had for us, was an analogy: "Dogs have their areas. Now if a bitch of a certain area goes to a dog of another area, it's bound to create tension," said Salman with a straight face, making everyone (including co-star Asin) collapse with laughter. Now we aren't saying anything, the analogy speaks for itself!

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