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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shahid, Priyanka: Cold war to just cold

It doesn’t matter whether her ongoing problems with actor Shahid Kapoor have been sorted out or not, actor Priyanka Chopra has once again gone back to her usual ‘no talk about my personal life’ space according to sources. The relationship between Chopraand Kapoor thus enters into a thanda zone,where both of them will deliberately continue to remain aloof from each other, friends close to the two say.

“Shahid and Priyanka had fought bitterly on the sets of a film when Shahid felt that he was being targeted. He wondered how stories about him crop up continuously, when only ‘professional stuff’ about Priyanka was doing the rounds. They had an argument following which Priyanka clarified to others that both were still friends in spite of all the speculations,” says a source.

However, now that Kapoor has moved to his films and the two are reportedly not interacting for over a month now, Chopra has apparently instructed her staff to ensure that she is not troubled with the Kapoor question again.

But there’s a problem – the grapevine says that Kapoor is very uncomfortable about working with Chopra, but she seems to be fine with the idea.

“Shahid and Priyanka might now act in a few more movies and might even agree to give interviews together because both of them have agreed that they have reached a zone of no return. Shahid is a little jittery about working with Priyanka, but she seems okay with the idea,” the source adds.

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