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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kangna's horrible look sans makeup

It’s not like I can’t take B-town babes turning up de-glam at an event, but I think on most occasions it can – and often does – go completely off-track. Case-in-point Kangna Ranaut, who stepped out of her house without applying makeup. Not a really bad thing in itself, but this time the cameras managed to capture every flaw on her skin.

It’s not that Kangna has bad skin, but methinks she chose the wrong day for going bare. Since it was a really hot day, the gal was dripping sweat and her face looked totally greasy. Her acne also shone bright when the spotlight was on her. She even forgot to do her hair before stepping out! Honestly, exposing your weaknesses is not a very good move in this competitive industry.

But we do admire the girl for one thing: Kangna did not create a fuss when the media turned up unannounced. In fact, being the super-confident babe that she is, she laughed and casually posed for the shutterbugs. Now, that’s the spirit….greasy, yet happy!

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