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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sanjay Dutt shaves off his head

Sanjay Dutt has gone bald for his movie Agneepath, an extreme decision he had to take because his prosthetic make-up started melting

Sanjay Dutt goes bald for Agneepath
(Pic: BCCL)
A heat wave in Diu, where Sanjay Dutt is shooting for Agneepath, literally forced him to go bald.

The actor took the extreme decision to shave off his head. The temperature in the union territory was a searing 48 degrees celsius and the prosthetic make-up he had on (which took three hours to apply and would take an hour-and-a-half to remove) began melting away.

Dutt's character sports a hairless look in the film and he was expected to have a tonsure. However, he has several films on the floors, and to avoid continuity problems, Hollywood makeup artist Robin Slater's services were enlisted to create the 'bald' look without actually shaving his head. "The first two days of shooting — at a factory in Mumbai went smoothly. Trouble began when they started shooting in Diu. "It started looking scary," says a unit hand, noting, "The make-up started melting and dripping down Sanju's face.

It became so bad that Sanju did a re-think. He had to wake up at 5 am to get ready and report for a 9.30 am shift. It was time consuming as well as cumbersome, so Dutt spoke to his Business Manager Dharam Oberoi and wife Manaayata and decided to go bald. The manager was worried about shooting Dutt's home production Rascals. So Hollywood's famous wigmaker Victoria Wood was flown to Diu to take measurements to make a wig for all his films on the floors.

Dutt says, "I couldn't have handled the make-up mess after a point. It was too tiring. Also, it was a strain on my eyes as prosthetic make-up is heavy.

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