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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anushka's 'midnight SMS' to Chaitanya

To those who are familiar with the Telugu cine circuit, the name ‘Sweety’ reminds of only one person. She is none other than the voluptuous beauty Anushka and there is no exaggeration in saying that she enjoys a strong admiration from the audience as well as the Tollywood folks.

Recently, it is heard that this pretty girl sent an SMS at Midnight 12. The lucky person to receive this is Naga Chaitanya. Usually, they say that Anushka is close to Nagarjuna but the reliable information is that she is the best friend to Nagachaitanya in ‘all aspects’.

One can recall from the Tollywood tales that Anushka was introduced into the cine circuit by Chaitu as she was his yoga guru. And though she pairs up with his father in so many films, she is still the ‘sweety’ for Chaitu and one of his best friends. Given the midnight SMS from Anushka, one needs no further evidence.

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