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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anushka's gay crush!

Actress Anushka Sharma is just two films old and at a time when most actors are vying to reach the top spot, who is awaiting the release of her another Yashraj film Band Baajaa Baaraat reveals that she had a huge crush on a Gay man.

She recalls that she is fond of Thai men, the tall ones. So when she was in Bangkok for the shoots for one of the ads, she fell for a very good looking man. He was much older than her. Before she could make the first move, she discovered that he was a gay.

Obviously, then the actress was sad to know this but now she must be having a hearty laugh on such a misleading path of love!

She adds It’s quite funny actually to read about my various link-ups each day in the papers,” she ends reacting to rumours about her and actor Shahid Kapoor in the past.

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