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Monday, November 22, 2010

Imran moves-in with Avantika

All set to wed, lovebirds Imran Khan and Avantika have taken their relationship to another level as they have moved-in together. The couple that will tie the knot in January has decided to live-in much before their marriage.

But it’s no pre-marriage trial that the duo is experimenting with. News has it that Imran’s bungalow is undergoing some major renovations and it’s for this reason that the actor and his mother Nuzhat have moved into Avantika’s home.

Confirming the news, Imran told a daily, “My bungalow belonged to my grandpa (late Nasir Hussain). The time had come to do it up all over again. It required a lot of repair for various reasons. The inside structure is being changed to a large extent. So, now I am staying at Avantika’s house.”

However, Imran aims to restore most of his grandfather’s belongings like his chair and desk. “I am putting them up in my office. I shall be using them. I will never do away with certain things, which are everlasting memories. My grandpa penned so many hit films sitting on that chair and using that desk to write,” adds the actor.

And for living with Avantika, the actor said “What I see in Avantika, I can’t see in any heroine I have worked with. I proposed to her first in our period of dating. It’s been nearly eight years now. It’s not early to get married. Weren’t many stars in Bollywood younger than me when they tied the knot in their respective lives?”

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