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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bebo, Saif to marry in 2012!

Kareena Kapoor talks about getting married to Saif in 2012, acting with Shahid in the future if the role is juicy and why family is over the Bachchans.

Do you think hits or flops do not matter to your career graph anymore?
I don't know about that but getting a blockbuster is a great feeling. When your character is appreciated, it is another high. But flop ka bhi maaza kuch aur hai. I have always given importance to my performance over my hits. In this industry you can stretch only to a certain limit but after that you have to be an actor to sustain it.

Have you discussed marriage with Saif?
Of course, I talk to Saif and my family. Saif is extremely supporting and he jokes that marriage is a taboo in our film industry. Surely, there are norms that we can break but the fact is that the film fraternity considers a married actress a taboo. Saif is so busy with his production and his films, so a wedding will happen but after a year maybe.

So you'll get married in 2012 then?
Yes, probably the year when the world is supposed to end. But yes, I won't deny the fact that I think about it.

You are not a part of any camp as such?
(Laughs) I have my own camp. I think I respect all the Khans and they respect me for my work. Friendship aside, I am here to work and sell my talent. So, anyone can pick and take my talent. Moreover, I don't socialize with anyone. My camps are Saif, my family, my niece and my nephew.

Recently Abhishek and you patched up. However he had said that he doesn't want to work with you. What's your equation with him now?
I am very fond of Abhishek. He is my first co-star and these certain things that are irreplaceable. He did his first shot with me and no one can try and change that. I just feel that Abhishek should just do what he wants to do. If he is uncomfortable working with me then I am okay with that.

I think Abhishek is one of the warmest people that I have ever met and we speak when we meet socially. I want him to be happy. Aishwarya has been very sweet to me and even said some nice things about me on Karan's show. I think we have grown above what has happened and our families have also grown above that. I just wish him well.

Will you do a film with Shahid if you are offered one?
I am a professional actor and that's my profession. If I have a great role, I will consider. Of course I won't say that it will be easy.

I would be lying that it's easy and uncomplicated, it is complicated but I would love to work with him.

He is a lovely actor and I want to see him up there. I think he was spectacular in Kaminey.

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