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Monday, November 22, 2010

Manisha Koirala to split?

The actress posts her thoughts on wanting a divorce five months into her marriage on Facebook, then immediately deletes it. Says she wrote it during a "moment" and that it was "silly"

The social network brings its own share of troubles. In a moment of emotion and/or anger, you end up posting a status that reaches hundreds and then thousands and millions of people in minutes.

Manisha Koirala knows this. Yet last Friday posted on her Facebook that she planning to get a divorce after only five months of marriage and hoped that the decision wouldn't hurt her parents.

Within a a few hours of posting that status, the actress deleted it but the message had gone out into the cyber world and then through word of mouth to everyone.

Concerned friends and well wishers kept calling to the recently-married actress what had gone wrong. Some offered advice, "Things are always bad in the first few months."

While other offered support, "whatever you decide, we are with you.

The shocker

The actress appeared happy after her marriage and had even spoke about wedded bliss after coming back from her honeymoon in Sievi, Finland.

Off and on, she'd keep posting on her social networking account about how helpful and loving her husband was. So friends were shocked at her post.

But soon thereafter, Manisha deleted her post followed but it continued to reflect her state of turmoil (see box). The actress who has had a few traumatic relationships in the past.

Why she deleted it

Friends close to Manisha brush off the rumours. "She is very happy with Samrat (Dahal). Like most normal couples, they must have had a fight and she must have put up the post.

She's very emotional and whenever she's upset, she reveals her feelings. It's nothing serious and by now, I am sure Manya must be regretting putting up the post which is why she deleted it," says a friend Koirala, who is currently in Mumbai for a few days, says, "I am super happy (with Samrat).

I was angry when I wrote that post. Sometimes I just react and write silly things ¦ I deleted the post because I realised that it would be taken seriously."

Manya's FB posts
There are times like now...i think of other...as me...i feel the other pain...MY question is shall i forget my pain????? when you taste real love...joy,happiness...everything seems part of it..even sorrow n pain!!! i walk on the grounds of love n respect to this life n divine!!

my life will be scrutinized...but can i REALLY compromise with the best???? if then,was now... if now,was then..... lovely hawan done at home !! my nabour is too sweet to have single handedly helped me fr it!!..
never compromise in love....!!!! you always deserve the best..

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